About Us

The people and the story behind how Quantgene was founded, and the mission that drives us all.

Our mission

Quantgene’s mission is to leverage genomics and intelligence systems to protect human life. Our solutions help patients, physicians, and hospitals to easily access genomics and translate findings into true patient protection and better clinical outcomes.

Powered by our people​

Founder & CEO
Dr. Nicole
Head of Labratory R&D
Dr. Stefan
Head of Bioinformatics
Head of Operations & PMO
Head of Supply Chain & Infrastructure


Dr. Dan
City Of Hope
Co-director, Lung Cancer and Thoracic Oncology Program
Dr. Setuko Chambers
Univ. of Arizona Director, Gynecologic Cancers Clinical Trials 
Scott Gotshall​
Head Of Personal Genome Diagnostics Vice President, Labcorp Oncology​
Shea Harrelson​
Vikor Scientific​

The Story Behind Quantgene

In 2015, Jo’s mom was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. Even though she was a retired doctor herself and surrounded by other medical professionals, she was 3 years late for her screening. There was no system in place to remind her and no simpler ways to get the testing done.

By coincidence, Jo had just learned about a new scientific theory that had the potential to detect all cancers at an early stage with a simple blood draw. Driven by his mom’s story, Jo decided to take action – and Quantgene was born.

Its original mission at a small lab at UC Berkeley was to develop a novel breakthrough technology called “Liquid Biopsy”. The system uses single-molecule precision sequencing to discover cancer-associated mutations in cell-free DNA that is circulating in the blood.

Over the next 5 years, Quantgene assembled one of the best teams in genomics R&D, developed a world-leading precision sequencing technology and conducted a 5,000 patient trial to investigate the viability of liquid biopsy multi-cancer early detection (MCED). In 2021, the team published two peer-reviewed papers that demonstrated the unprecedented accuracy and detection power of Quantgene DeepGen liquid biopsy.

The vision of MCED and its potential power to End Cancer as we know it created

At the same time, a set of innovative peers to Quantgene engaged on similar journeys, including GRAIL, Thrive and Freenome. Around 2020, it became clear to all of us that MCED was facing two major headwinds: first, there is no feasible pathway to achieve CMS reimbursement in less than a decade; and second, the challenges of population wide MCED

Quantgene is the leader in early cancer detection:

  • Pioneered single-molecule sequencing to find traces of tumor DNA in blood.
  • Combined pharmacogenomics and hereditary cancer testing for better results at lower costs.
  • Created the world’s first system that analyzes various data points to pinpoint cancer with exceptional accuracy.


Our goal: To end cancer for all.

We’re constantly innovating to make this a reality.

Multiple Solutions - One Turnkey Platform

Quantgene in action

Quantgene's solution brings population-wide genetic testing in-house for hospitals and direct to consumers

Hospital Partnership Includes

in-house laboratory, CMS validation, clinical frameworks, patient qualification system, revenue cycle management, and financial controlling

Medical impact

Improve guideline-recommended genetic cancer testing by 1,200%**

Financial impact
$12.6mm added operating income* Medicare and Commercial Payer reimbursed
* estimated additional operating income for a 1 million patient hospital over 5 years  ** assuming a 1mm patient hospital with a current testing rate of 500 patients per year

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