The World’s First True Universal Cancer Screening.

Qx uses precision genomics, imaging and medical intelligence to detect early signals of over 50 cancer types.

What is Qx?

Qx is more than just a single test - it is a complete diagnostic system that leverages the first multi-modal screening network that brings the most advanced precision tools into a single cancer prevention solution

Today, only 5 cancers have recommended screening tests. That means many cancers go undetected until later stages, making treatment more difficult.

Qx goes beyond these limitations. With a simple blood test, it can identify a signal shared by over 50 cancer types, many of which would otherwise be missed.

Early detection, better outcomes:

Qx detects these signals early, when they're most treatable. With 90%+ accuracy, it predicts the potential source of the cancer signal, guiding further tests for a faster diagnosis.

Qx uses precision genomics, imaging and medical intelligence to detect early signals of over 50 cancer types

Compatible with full-body MRI results from Prenuvo, Ezra and more

Includes at-home blood draw and comprehensive medical evaluation

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Comprehensive genomic testing, including cfDNA liquid biopsy and hereditary cancer risk


Complete genomic testing as well as a full-body MRI scan through our partners at Prenuvo, Ezra, etc.


Executive annual cancer screenings, including genomic testing, MRI scan, & unlimited cancer concierge advisory


financing available

Included with every account:

How Qx Works

The current healthcare system treats illness, leaving you in the dark about your actual health. But what if you could intercept cancer before it even shows symptoms?

Qx is here to change everything. We use the cutting-edge power of precision genomics, imaging, and AI to find signals of over 50 cancers in their earliest, most treatable stages.


At home
Complete medical intake + At-home blood draw
1 Available in all US states except New York


Schedule consultation with specialized Qx medical professional


Review comprehensive risk profile for 50 cancer types and review preventive strategies

Qx is more than a test - it's a cancer-prevention system


World’s first report to identify cancer signals across multiple precision modalities and identify active cancer risk by organ type.


Qx combines a full stack of precision diagnostics to detect cancer signals at unrivaled performance, cost and convenience.


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Qx works by using the world’s most advanced precision diagnostics tools to detect cancers at the earliest stages, when they can be easily treated

Qx and its components are in use across some of America's leading cancer centers:

city of hope
Prisma health
the university of Arizona

Qx has been featured in:

Frequently asked questions

What is Qx?

Qx is a series of genomics tests that are combined with an in-depth medical assessment designed to detect over 50 types of cancer signals at the earliest stages.

How does Qx work?

Qx’s medical intelligence engine analyzes your imaging and medical data with our patented liquid biopsy technique to build a risk profile that covers 50 forms of cancer.

How can I get the test?

Qx requires a medical professional to approve your order and provide a medical consultation when results are delivered. When you order Qx on the Qx website, these medical services are included in the price.

Is Qx covered by insurance?

Qx is not covered by standard insurance plans. We are continuously working on getting Qx covered with standard plans. Currently, Qx is only covered by select executive health plans. If you have an executive health plan, ask whether Qx is covered.

When will my results be ready?

Your Qx results will be ready within 4-6 weeks after your blood draw.

What if my doctor doesn't know about Qx?

Qx is for clinical use only, which means it needs to be prescribed by a healthcare provider. However, you can order Qx directly from the Qx website using Qx providers. You can also fill out our health release form and we will send your provider all of your Qx reports.