Partnership with Getlabs to bring Qx universal cancer screening to patients across the US

Quantgene, a genomic intelligence company with the mission to END CANCER for all, today announced its partnership with Getlabs, the nationwide leader for at-home diagnostic collections. This collaboration aims to improve patient outcomes through expanded access to advanced testing.

Quantgene QX is the world’s first universal cancer screening that combines genomic cancer detection with other diagnostics to achieve complete case resolution. It includes physician advisory and is available for $1,995 to patients across the United States.

Patients can purchase QX on its website, which includes a Getlabs visit for a seamless at-home or at-office blood draw. Once results are available, patients receive a consultation by a specialized QX physician to review results across inherited genetics, active genomic cancer signals in the blood as well as a complete review of their personal and family Medical history. Patients are also informed about their general preventive cancer screening status. In case of suspicious findings, QX guides patients to complete case resolution, including follow up diagnostics like imaging or other tests.

After 9 years of development, $36mm invested and multiple peer-reviewed publications, we reached a historic moment. Our commercial pilots in California detected 2 early stage cancers in a population of less than 100 patients. We are now confident that QX will achieve a similar performance at scale and deliver on its promise as the world’s most effective universal cancer screening”, says Quantgene’s Founder, Jo Bhakdi.

By combining Getlabs’ at-home diagnostic collections services with Quantgene QX, patients gain unparalleled convenience and accessibility to life-saving universal cancer screening.

Partnering with Quantgene allows us to extend the reach of early cancer detection and make it even more convenient for patients to prioritize their health,” said Kyle Michelson, Founder & CEO of Getlabs“By leveraging our expertise in at-home diagnostic collections, we can greatly expand access to critical cancer screening services. Our partnership with Quantgene represents a step forward in saving lives through early cancer detection.”

About Quantgene:

Quantgene is a genomic intelligence company based in Portland, OR and Berlin, Germany with the mission to END CANCER for all. The company is the global pioneer in multi-modal cancer intelligence that combines deep genomics with comprehensive patient histories, conventional laboratory diagnostics and advanced imaging to maximize Universal Cancer detection performance and save lives.

About Getlabs:

Getlabs is the nationwide leader for at-home diagnostics. Healthcare organizations dispatch Getlabs’ medical specialists to their patients to collect labs, vitals, biometrics, and more. By partnering with Getlabs, providers can improve adherence, expand access to care, and make informed medical decisions remotely. Getlabs is available across 30 states in the US.

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