Quantgene Leads Cancer Detection with Genomic Tech

Quantgene is setting a new standard in the fight against cancer with its groundbreaking approach to cancer detection. Leveraging the power of Intelligent Genomics, this innovative company is combining state-of-the-art genomic technology with artificial intelligence to achieve early and precise cancer detection. This ambitious endeavor not only represents a major advancement in medical science but also offers a beacon of hope for millions worldwide.


  • $36 million invested in R&D for Intelligent Genomics.
  • $50 million in early revenue, signaling strong market potential.
  • $200 million active deal pipeline with hospital systems for Qi hospital solutions.


Founded in 2015 by Jo Bhakdi at UC Berkeley, Quantgene merges genomics laboratory technology, AI, and medical workflows into a seamless, turnkey solution for patients and physicians. This approach positions Quantgene to disrupt the $168 billion cancer diagnostics and early detection market significantly.

Under the leadership of Jo Bhakdi and a team of experts in various fields, Quantgene has already made notable strides. The company has a robust pipeline, including partnerships for its new Qx solution with The DNA Company and leading concierge networks to revolutionize cancer detection.

Quantgene’s solutions the Qi solution for hospitals and the Qx solution for patients and physicians are not just technological marvels but are also designed to be seamlessly integrated into clinical workflows. This integration is key to making genomic medicine both accessible and financially viable for healthcare institutions.

The global cancer diagnostics market is rapidly expanding, and Quantgenes innovations are well-timed to meet the increasing demand for preventive care and personalized medicine. The companys proof of concept is evident in its collaborations with world-leading medical institutions and its recognition as a community partner of the American Cancer Society.

Investment Opportunity:

As Quantgene gears up for the commercial launch of its Qx and Qi Intelligent Genomics solutions in 2024, the company invites investors to join this groundbreaking journey. The capital raised will bolster the commercial team, enhance distribution channels for Qx, and lay the groundwork for Qi hospital solutions.

Investing in Quantgene through WeFunder is more than a financial decision; its a chance to be part of a movement that stands on the precipice of a medical revolution. By backing Quantgene, investors have the unique opportunity to contribute to a future where cancer can be detected and treated more effectively than ever before.

About Quantgene:

Quantgene, founded at UC Berkeley, is at the forefront of Intelligent Genomics, aiming to transform the landscape of cancer detection and treatment. With its innovative approach, combining genomics, AI, and healthcare economics, Quantgene is not just a company but a movement dedicated to defeating cancer.

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